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Bateman's Suspension Tune-up

Bateman's Suspension Tune-up
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$50 is booking fee only. An accurate cost will be determined at the drop-off consultation.

Regular maintenance of your suspension will increase the components performance and lifespan. It is recommended that your fork, shock, or seat post receive a Basic Service every 50 hours, or Full Factory Service every 200 hours.

Suspension Services include:
Thorough cleaning
Inspection for damage and/or wear
Dust Wiper Seals
Foam Rings
Applicable Fluids

Fork Service:
Basic 50hr Service - $150
Full 200hr Service - $250

Shock Service:
Basic 50hr Service - $85
Full 200hr - $250

Suspension/Dropper Post Service:

We highly recommend addressing your suspension in a time that allows you to be without your bike. Suspension Service is performed according to current in-house turnaround times. If you hear, see, or feel something unusual, stop riding immediately and contact us for proper servicing.