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Bateman's General Service MTB

Bateman's General Service MTB
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Service at 49 Laird is for kids and adult Mountain Bikes.
Select this option if you want any One or Two of the services listed. Should you need more than Two, it's best to book a Trail Tune-up.

The booking fee is $50 and if your final bill is less, the balance is refunded.

General Service items available at 49 Laird:

Street:Suspension Set-up (Sag, Adjustment Consultation)
Flat Fix on Kids/Adult MTB
Tubeless Tire Installation/Sealant Top Up
Handlebar Installation
Chain Replacement
Gear Adjustment
Derailleur hanger Alignment/Replacement
Bottom Bracket Installation or Servicing
Boxing Bicycle for Transportation
Building Bicycle from Previous Transportation
Hydraulic Brake Bleed
Disc/Rim Brake Adjustments
Bearing Adjustments (Hub, Headset, Pivots)
Bearing Overhaul (Hub, Headset, Bottom Bracket, Pivots)
Drivetrain Component Replacement (Cassette, Chainring, Chain, Jockey Wheels)
Wheel true
Wheel swap/replacement
Small Part/Accessory Installations

Don't see the service you need? Feel free to shoot us an email regarding your concerns to