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Bateman's Tools and Toddies - Bicycle Maintenance Workshop
$40.00 - $60.00
A fun time of greasy hands, hot toddies (adult beverages) and learning the basic skills of bike repair that will keep you on the road for miles to come. Our hands-on Bike Maintenance class will give you the basic tools (literally & figuratively) needed to perform minor adjustments that can have a significant impact on your ride quality. Bring your own bike or use one of ours Here's what we plan to cover... • All about derailleur gears and shifters - road and flat bar • Using your gears properly • Diagnose shifting problems • Install, set up, and adjust front derailleurs • Install, set up, and adjust rear derailleurs • Replace derailleur gear inner cables Tools required: • Allen key tool • Cable cutters • Pliers • Phillips screwdriver
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