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Bateman's 10 Pack Spin Pass
Get a 10 Pack Spin Pass - pick any 10 classes to attend.
Bateman's 20 Pack Spin Pass
20 classes for $375 plus tax is great value at $18.75 per class.
Bateman's 30 Pack Spin Pass
New This Year! More classes! Bike Storage! More open Gym Opportunities! More weights and exercise equipment! 10+ direct driver smart trainers from Wahoo, Tacx and Jet Black! New Spin Pass Package Based on most peoples Spin Shack usage the 30 Pass Pack for $450 is likely your best bet. The 30 Pass Pack includes bike storage for the season and membership in Bateman’s Bicycle Club.
Bateman's 50 Pack Spin Pass
Spin Shack is OPEN Road Bikes - Use our road bikes or use and store your own. Stationary Trainers - Our KURT KINETIC Road Machine trainers accurately replicate outdoor riding. Training Videos - We produce our training videos that have a variety of workouts and soundtracks. Experienced Instructors - Our instructors are trained to help you get the most out of your workouts. Bike Storage - Included with this pass. Spin Prep - includes getting your bike trainer tire on etc.
Bateman's Personal Best P2A
Personal Best Paris To Ancaster Join us this winter at the Spin Shack and take your off-season training to a whole new level! Join Bateman’s Racing team lead by racer Jeremy Worden. Let us guide you through an intensive program focused on making you faster, stronger and smoother. Prepare to start the season strong and commit yourself to achieving a personal best for 2020! Whats included 35 - Indoor sessions 6 - Outdoor sessions Bike Storage And so much more........
Always better to ride in a group! Join your teamates indoors this upcoming season. Purchase your Season's Pass and enjoy unlimited classes and Open Spin opportunities. Bike storage is included.
Bateman's Single Class Spin Class
This Single Class Spin Pass allows you to pick any class and join us. Perhaps a friend is in town and you wnant to bring them to Spin.
Bateman's Spin Bike Storage
Store your bike at the Spin Shack. It's ready and waiting for each class. No hassle moving it back and forth.
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