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Road Frames

BMC Timemachine 01 DISC Frameset
The Timemachine Disc is the ultimate triathlon machine, the most refined expression of pure aerodynamic performance featuring cutting-edge disc brake technology. It is a bike designed for progressive triathletes seeking the perfect synthesis of drag-defying aerodynamics, sublime handling, and world-traveler functionality. Extended research enabled us to scope out and achieve extraordinary aerodynamics through innovative disc brake integration for improved handling and a confident ride on the most technically demanding courses. A standout feature, the integrated caliper covers optimize airflow as it hits the bike, seamlessly woven into the frame design to achieve the class-leading integration that is the foundation of the Timemachine’s aero prowess. Along with an extensive rider positioning system and state-of-the-art component integration, the Timemachine Disc is the must-have bike for middle and long-distance triathlons or time trials. The Timemachine 01 Disc frameset features 01 Premium carbon, flat mount disc brakes with caliper covers, a triathlon-specific cockpit, and dual-mount seatpost.
BMC Timemachine ROAD 01 Module
The Timemachine SLR01 Module features all the benefits of BMC's top-of-the-line aero road frame design in a customizable platform. The included cockpit components are carefully chosen to compliment the frame, while the selection of drivetrain and wheels is offered to the rider's personal preference. - ICS Aero: Their most aerodynamic cockpit redefines integration with superb aerodynamics, complete cable integration, and broad adjustability. - TCC Speed fork: The Timemachine Road fork marries the ultimate aerodynamic performance with the exact dosage of vertical compliance for improved control. - Integrated Aero Cover: The minimal profile of the front caliper cover optimizes airflow at every yaw angle. - Aero Module: A modular system that combines hydration and storage elements into one seamless aerodynamic unit. - Core Stiffness: Exceptional bottom bracket and rear triangle stiffness for best-in-class power transfer. - Aero Post: Superbly aerodynamic through its Kamm tail profile, the Aero Post provides a wide range of adjustments. - Fast and Compliant: TCC Speed technology minimizes road vibration, improving rolling speed and power transfer.
BMC Roadmachine 01 Module
The one-bike collection Who said you couldn’t have it all? Due to the ultimate advancements in a re-Tuned Compliance Concept, this bike challenges the traditional road bike categories. From axle to axle, the new Roadmachine delivers sleek, integrated technologies and hints at free speed from every angle. It is lightweight, fast, and incredibly integrated. Brilliant pedaling efficiency and the ideal level of compliance for legendary days of riding leave you with no doubts; this bike has it all. The Roadmachine 01 MOD features an integrated cockpit, Tuned Compliance Concept for a great ride feel, and Dual Transmission Integration for mechanical or electronic drivetrains. The Angle Compliance shaping of the rear triangle ensures optimal compliance for rougher roads or longer rides. A BMC cockpit includes a carbon handlebar and seatpost, and is paired with a Fizik Aliante R5 saddle for an ideal palette upon which to build your dream bike.
BMC Teammachine SLR01 DISC Module
The Teammachine has won them all; the Tour de France, the Olympics, World Championships, and grueling Classics. Despite its success, BMC hasn't been resting on their laurels: to stand still means being overtaken – to remain at the top, the best must evolve. To bring you the new Teammachine, BMC pushed the boundaries of advanced cycling technology. Its creation has been all-encompassing. First, they gathered feedback from professional riders – no one knows the Teammachine better than they do. BMC also sought advice from partners outside of the industry to make sure they had access to the latest scientific research. They leveraged decades of in-house carbon expertise and explored the possibilities by applying their ground-breaking ACE Technology. The result is the pinnacle of performance in competitive cycling: the world’s raciest balance of low weight, stiffness, and compliance, perfected with maximal integration and Swiss design. Let there be no doubts, BMC is ready to continue dominating the peloton. The Teammachine SLR01 Disc Module includes a BMC carbon handlebar with ergo top shape and Integrated Cockpit System (ICS) optimized routing, an ICS stem, a premium carbon seatpost, and a Fizik Antares R1 carbon-railed saddle. It's the perfect starting point upon which to build your dream bike.
BMC Trackmachine 01 Frameset
World Champion-Worthy The Trackmachine was developed specifically for the Swiss National Track Team using cutting-edge aerodynamic technologies and extraordinary engineering for a record-breaking machine. The adaptability of the p2p cockpit lets you achieve the ideal rider position for sprint or endurance races. With a list of Palamarés that includes a World Championship title, it‘s clear this bike is the weapon of choice for the boards. Featuring 01 Premium carbon, the Trackmachine 01 frameset is truly a world-class race machine. The frame maximizes aerodynamics with Vmax aero technology, while the hinge design fork further offers a streamlined advantage. The stem and seatpost offer highly-adjustable Position to Perform features, allowing the rider to find the perfect fit.
BMC Teammachine SLR01 Module
The Teammachine SLR01 MOD features all the benefits of BMC's top-of-the-line road frame design in a customizable platform. The included cockpit components are carefully chosen to compliment the frame, while the selection of drivetrain and wheels is offered to the rider's personal preference.
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