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  • Road Bikes - Use our road bikes or use your own.
  • Stationary Trainers - Our KURT KINETIC Road Machine trainers accurately replicate outdoor riding.
  • Training Videos - We produce our training videos that have a variety of workouts and soundtracks.
  • Experienced Instructors - Our instructors are trained to help you get the most out of your workouts.
  • Storage - Unlimited Spin Pass includes bike storage.

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High Intensity Spin

High Intensity spin sessions target improvements in your ability to push hard on the pedals!
Surges and sprints raise your top speed and increase muscle recruitment, while longer high intensity segments improve your ability to go harder for longer durations.
Aim to keep a cadence (RPM) around 85-95 for any intervals over 60 seconds, and aim for 100+ during the surges and sprints.

Endurance Spin

Endurance spin sessions have longer, lower-stress efforts that improve your ability to burn fat.
Endurance workouts are invaluable for beginner and seasoned riders alike. Workouts like these increase your ability to ride longer distances.
It's easier to perform cadence and pedalling drills at lower intensities, which will improve your leg speed & sprinting form and efficiency.

Women/Trans/Gender Nonconforming Spin

Often our most popular class of the week - WTGNC's Spin on Wednesday evenings are led by one of the women Team Bateman's racers.
It's the instructor's choice of High Intensity or Endurance workout types, or maybe it will be a combination of both!
A safe and inclusive space for women, trans, and gender non-conforming to train. 

Spinning Skills and Core

While low (easy) gears are used to improve pedalling efficiency, leg speed and coordination - this 'aint no easy class!
Harder gears are used to improve climbing and sprinting technique.
Following a 45 minute spin we roll out the mats to work on our core strength and stability.