Spin Etiquette

Cell Phones

We encourage you to disconnect from the outside world for the duration of your class. For that reason, we ask that you limit cellphone use. If you are using your phone or other electronic device to connect with the trainer that is acceptable as it is part of the workout. Please limit cell phone use in general as it is distracting to the instructor and other members.

Outdoor Shoes

Please take your outdoor shoes off in the waiting area before you enter the gym. Members like to be able to walk around in their socks while getting ready for class. Keep the shoes on the matts and the floor will stay clean.

Cross Talk

We love socializing before and after class, but talking to your neighbours during class can be distracting to other riders. If you must chat with your neighbour try and do it during cool down periods of the workout.

Personal Hygiene 

The Spin Shack is a humid sweaty place during and after class. Please be mindful of wearing clean cycling attire to class as it gets pretty stinky very quickly. If you are storing your shoes with us for the season be aware of how bad they might smell. If they are really bad please consider changing the soles or replacing your outdoor shoes with indoor shoes.