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Tune Ups & Service

Bateman's knows bike repair. We take pride in offering a range of service options to keep your bikes riding like new! 

From routine maintenance to full overhauls, our friendly team of expert technicians have the skills, training and tooling to keep your bike in top-notch condition. 

City + Road Bike Service

All of our City, Road, Gravel and Commuter Bike service is done at our 960 Bathurst Street location

Our team of experienced mechanics has been serving the neighbourhood since 2008. We strive to offer trustworthy, friendly and efficient bike repair. 

Mountain Bike Service

All of our Mountain Bike service and repairs take place at Bateman's Trail Shop. Our team of expert mountain bike techs run a full-service repair shop. From minor adjustments, to tune ups, wheel builds, and suspension overhauls, we can do it all!

 Trail Shop only services mountain bikes, so we can focus on the details that matter to riders like you!