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No matter where you are in Canada, Bateman's Bike Co. can deliver a brand new Santa Cruz or Juliana bike to your door in a matter of days! 

You'll receive an expertly assembled & tuned bike set up exactly to your specs. Delivered to your home and ready to ride with a few twists of a multi-tool!

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Santa Cruz Full-Suspension Bikes


215mm of VPP™ travel is exquisitely refined in This World Cup-Winning DH bike. The V10 offers perhaps the best suspension performance available outside of a World Cup team truck.

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170mm of VPP™ travel paired with a mixed wheel setup makes this mullet freeride rig a complete weapon on trail! The Nomad is ready and willing to go wherever, whenever!

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165mm of VPP™ Travel, 29" wheels, and Santa Cruz's legendary carbon frame tech make the Mega a perfect choice for big gravity rides and DH park laps.

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150mm of VPP™ travel and a mixed wheel setup give this legendary SC trail bike it's playful and responsive character. If in doubt, take a Bronson out.

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145mm of VPP™ travel and 29" wheels. This do-it-all model has a versatile balance of geo, spec and durability. (a perfect Ontario MTB)

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130mm of VPP™ travel and mixed wheel setup. The 5010 is a super capable "small bike". Light & and fast with enough travel to get you out of trouble!

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120mm of VPP™ travel and 29" wheels. Known as "The Downhiller's XC Bike" the tallboy offers superb pedaling efficiency and highly refined suspension kinematics.

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choose between 100mm or 115mm of travel on one of the lightest full-suspension platforms ever conceived. This World Cup-Winning XC bike can be the difference that gets you to the top step.

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Santa Cruz E-Bikes

Heckler SL

All the on-trail traits of a Santa Cruz combined with the FAZUA RIDE 60 drive unit. 150mm of legendary VPP™ suspension, mixed wheels, and progressive geometry makes the Heckler SL a natural handling trail bike. Just with the added power of an ebike.


The Skitch is the ultimate city-slicking, traffic-flicking, alleycat-slipping, rat race-escaping teleportation device. The powerful and light motor gives you a nudge to spend less time behind a glass windscreen and more time with your knees in the breeze.


The Heckler has a huge interchangeable battery (720Wh), which allows riders to access previously unreachable trails, and cram more into less time. The 150mm of VPP™ suspension has been tuned to tame big trails on big descents and provide glue-like traction on the climbs.


The Bullit is an electric mountain bike designed for tackling the steepest and deepest of trails in both directions. A full-power Shimano drive unit, 630 Wh battery, 170mm VPP™ travel, a 38mm-diameter fork gives the Bullit a no limits approach

 Santa Cruz Hardtail & Gravel Bikes


A do-it all off-road Drop-bar machine. The Stigmata blurs the lines between free-roading drop bar singletrack slicer and buckled down race-winning gravel machine. Available in a range of built kits to suit your needs!


A superlight XC race weapon! When the trail calls for the efficiency only a hardtail can offer, the Highball is the choice. It looks straightforward but that belies the high-tech features and design hidden within.


A hardcore trail hardtail: Super configurable with options for wheel sizes, gearing setups & interchangeable dropouts.The Chameleon's progressive geometry let it blend into whatever surroundings you place it in.


The Jackal is a no BS dirt jump, pump track, and urban assault bike. We sell it frame-only and it’s #26forlife. Overbuilt to last forever, these frames will take more abuse than you can dish out, yet still weigh in at under 5lbs.

Juliana Bikes


150mm of VPP™ travel and a mixed wheel setup make the Roubion playful, highly manouverable, and super capable on the rough stuff! We’re pretty sure there’s no better bike to tackle alpine terrain.


130mm of VPP™ travel and a mixed wheel setup give the Furtado a lively personality that will let you level up your riding! The 29" front wheel and smaller 27.5" rear wheel keep you nimble and ensure you’re tracking through corners with ease.


With its 120mm of VPP™ travel and 29-inch wheels, it’s the ultimate climbing partner to help you reach any summit. And when it’s time to point downhill, its head tube angle and slack geo will navigate the most rocky terrain.


120mm/115mm of travel and super efficient pedaling geo make the Wilder an ultra-fast XC machine! Based on the world-cup winning Santa Cruz Blur, the Wilder is a blast on the trails and race courses alike.

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Canada's Santa Cruz & Juliana Experts

Our team has decades of experience building, selling, maintaining, and riding Santa Cruz Bikes.

We know these amazing machines inside & out, and make sure that each rig is totally dialled before it's sent out for you to ride. Every customer's Santa Cruz gets treated with the same care we do our own, so you can ride with peace of mind knowing your bike was set up by some of the best mountain bike techs in the country!

Have a look at how we assemble each and every Santa Cruz at Bateman's Trail Shop in Toronto!

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