Personal Best P2A Training Program

Join us this winter at the Spin Shack and take your off-season training to a whole new level with Bateman’s Racing Team. This program will be lead by Team Racer and current E4 Provincial Criterium Champion Jeremy Worden! Let us guide you through a comprehensive program focused on making you faster, stronger and smoother. Prepare to start the season strong and commit yourself to achieving a personal best for 2020!

This program is designed for those who are attempting Paris to Ancaster for the first time or those looking to crack a personal best. It is also applicable to those with goals beyond P2A whether road, mountain or cyclocross. Whatever your goal is, this program is guaranteed to make you the best you can be!

Jeremy, alongside other Bateman’s Instructors, will coach you through an intensive program designed to build your strength, endurance and technique. An initial fitness audit with Jeremy will inform a discussion about individual fitness targets for the winter. Coaching through two weekly in-studio sessions paired with some at-home assignments will help guide you to your personal training goals.  

Paris to Ancaster (also known as Canada’s Spring Classic) is considered by many as a true test of one's early season fitness. This event has been used as a personal benchmark for many of us over the years and the start of season timing makes it a perfect end date to a solid winter training plan.

If you are planning to race P2A or have other cycling goals for 2020, then this may the perfect program for you!

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About Jeremy Worden

Jeremy is an accomplished cyclist rising through the ranks of provincial racing. He has taken his training to a whole new level over the past few seasons and is eager to share his successful recipe and training secrets with other excited athletes. If you are passionate about cycling and want to improve your performance, Jeremy is for you.

From Jeremy...

"I’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money into improving my performance on the bike over the past few years. Last year training at the Spin Shack made a difference to my results.

 The 2019 season was one to remember for me, and I can't wait to start building again for next season. 

I was excited to see tangible improvements, and to finally be achieving the goals that I set out for myself. I'm looking forward to 2020 and pushing my limits as an athlete while I seek new achievements on the bike!

Hoping to working with you and help you achieve your personal cycling goals for 2020.

Let's smash P2A together!"


  • Direct drive smart trainers

  • Power Testing Station

  • Loaner road bikes (if you do not have your own)

  • Basic repair tools

  • Free weight and stretching equipment

  • Audio and Video equipment 

  • Towel service

  • Water cooler 

  • Washroom & showering facilities

  • Nutrition for sale

  • Debit and Credit services

  • Wi-Fi


  • Working heart rate monitor

  • Cycling computer

  • Cycling shoes 

  • Cycling shorts and cool weather riding gear (warm-up layer recommended for cold days)

  • Your own bicycle is preferred for optimal fit


  • Personal Best P2A $500

  • Can be broken up into three easy payments

  • 35 Indoor sessions

  • 6 outdoor sessions before P2A


  • 20% off computer and computer accessories

  • 20% off all Spin related gear

  • 50% off additional classes outside of program

  • FTP testing 

  • Bike Storage included

  • Unlimited Open Gym

  • Spring Group Rides

  • Pre Ride P2A Course

  • Race strategy & tactics

  • Workouts emailed to you

Hurry.....This Course Starts December 3rd!

  • First class is Tuesday December 3rd @ 6:30AM - 7:30AM
  • Classes run every Tuesday at 6:30AM and Saturdays from 2:00PM - 4:00PM until March 31st
  • Outdoor sessions start the first week of April weather permitting
  • Why wait? It's time to get fit and achieve your goals

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Interested in signing up for the program but have questions for Team Bateman's? 

Please email Rob at if you'd like to find out more about the program.

Thank you for reading and best of luck with you 2020 cycling goals.