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Trail-Ready Kids' Gear

Properly fit bikes and gear can make all the difference to your child's mountain biking experience! Having the right gear empowers children to conquer new trails with confidence, comfort, and safety. 

We've curated a selection of our favourite durable, and high quality kids' bikes & gear below. Prepare your child for an unforgettable mountain biking experience, where outdoor exploration, safety, and the joy of riding come together!

Need help with sizing or other questions? Come by Batman's Trail Shop, or reach out to We're always happy to offer our expertise!

Kids' Helmets

Comfortable, stylish and safe kids' bike helmets!

*Required for Camp Don Grom

Kids' Gloves

To protect your child's hands from blisters & scrapes

Kids' Pads & Protective Gear

Extra knee, elbow, and chest protection can give your child the confidence to learn new skills

Kids' Mountain Bikes

Trail-ready models available for kids of all ages and abilities!

Don’t Have a Mountain Bike?

We have an awesome but limited selection of kids rental bikes. We will be offering a special camp rate for mountain bike rentals at $50 a week. Need a rental for camp please reach out to Rob ASAP

Not sure if you have the right equipment? Connect with us at Our team will make sure your child has everything they need to get out on the trails!