Bateman's Bike Swap & Sale Agreement

Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5, 2019

913 & 960 Bathurst Street, Toronto

ABOUT: Our "Bike Swap" is a community event that we have at our 913 and 960 Bathurst St. locations.  It is a used bicycle consignment sale with specials on new bicycles.


  • Saturday, April 27  10am-5pm
  • Sunday, April 28  Noon-5pm
  • Monday, April 29 10am-7pm
  • Tuesday, April 30  10am-7pm
  • Wednesday, May1  10am-9pm
  • Thursday, May 2  10am-9pm
  • Friday, May 3  10am-7pm

SWAP HOURS:   Saturday 10am-5pm   Sunday 12pm-5pm

The prices on all used bikes are fixed.

  • The price of the sale item is entirely at the seller's discretion. Our staff can give an approximate idea of what the item might sell for based on its condition and what similar items are priced at.

  • Bateman’s Bicycle Company staffs the swap, not the owners of the used bikes.

  • All sales are final, there are no warranties on swap bikes.

  • Applicable taxes apply to all products.

  • Please make sure we have current and accurate contact information for you.

  • If your item is sold, your account will be credited for the sale amount.

    • This account will be created as per this form or the swap information sheet provided at drop-off in store.

    • If we like your bike, we may purchase it from you at assessment so you don't have to wait for the sale. That Credit expires May 31, 2019 and cannot be used during the Bike Swap
    • 100% of the total is available as store credit, which does not expire.

    • If you wish to collect the proceeds from your sale, 80% of the total will be provided by cheque at the store. Cheques will be available beginning Monday, June 1, 2019.

  • If your bike is not sold, you must pick it up no later than May 19th, 2019. Any items not picked up will be donated to local charities.

  • Any bicycles remaining after May 19th, 2019 will be donated to Bike Sauce, St. Albans Boys and Girls Club (Jane & Finch location) or other local charitable organizations.

  • Bateman’s Bicycle Company is not responsible for the owner's equipment when the swap closes.

  • Bateman’s Bicycle Company is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

Bike Registration:

Must be a valid e-mail address, e.g.
Look at the headbadge on the front of the bike for the make/brand. Any words on the frame can be the make and model!
If you are unsure how much you should ask for your bike, we can help you estimate when you bring the bike in.
You may change your choice, just let us know!
By entering your full name you agree to the terms above - if your bike is not sold and not picked up by September 24, 2018 it will be donated!