Bike Trade-in

No Bike is Turned Away (please note: intended for bikes valued less than $300)
Are you worried your bike is not worthy of a trade in? Has your bike been living in a snowbank all year and is rusted away? Don’t fret! We will take it because this program is intended for bikes valued $300 or less. If your bike is no use to you, and is no use to us, we will donate the bike to a worthy charity.

Trade-In with Confidence & No Hassle 
Chances are you will get more money if you sell your bike privately. Craigslist and Facebook can be good if you don't mind spending the time writing ads, answering questions and meeting "potential" buyers. With us, you just give us the bike and we do the rest.

What to Bring
Valid photo ID..

Get More For Your Bike
A working bike is a valuable thing. Try and clean the bike up a bit and pump the tires and put some oil on the chain. The more you do, the more you will get. Don’t have time to clean up your bike and just want it gone? No worries, we will take care of the burden for you.

Fighting Theft
We log your valid driver's license or alternative number as identification. We log the bike's serial number. We have you sign a statement that says the bike is yours to sell.

The Fine Print
We only take bikes as trade-ins towards new bikes or store credits.
The bike must be safe to sell and valued at less than $300.
We do not offer trade in value on all bikes.
We have the right to refuse any bike.
Any recovered stolen bike will be reported to police.

Start here to trade-in your bike